Katya Grech promoted to Revenue Manager at be.HOTEL

Going from strength to strength

Following her accomplishment as a certified Revenue Manager, Ms Katya Grech has been promoted to the post which bears her qualification.

Katya Grech Revenue Manager at be.HOTEL

Ms Grech joined be.HOTEL in January 2017 and proved very diligent and intelligent in yield management. Recognising talent when it sees it, management immediately set about to getting her certified through a training programme from Preferred Hotels & Resorts which group be.HOTEL pertains to.

Yield management has been part of mainstream business practice for many years now and whether one refers to it as an emerging discipline or a new management science, yield management is imperative in order to maximise and improve profitability.

Ms Grech has certainly proved to be able to understand the complexity of Revenue Management when she summed up the three pillars of this powerful tool; “basically, there are three essential elements which must be present for Revenue Management to be applicable. The first is, having a fixed number of available products, in our case Rooms. Secondly, that the product is very perishable; a room unslept in in any night will be lost forever, and thirdly, that customers are willing to pay a different price for the same resource or product,” Ms Grech told us.

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