Pool, be.Hotel Malta

“be.KINI is raring to woo and wow!”

Well she is on course to mesmerise the guests; offering them a lush experience. Perhaps I should have said ‘it’ rather than using the feminine form to describe the new ‘kid’ on the block – be.KINI.

But in essence using ‘she’ for be.KINI is very apropos. Like a woman she is fun, relaxing, tranquil at times and vibrant and vigorous at others.

be.KINI is the soon-to-be-opened pool area for be.HOTEL on the 11th floor.

You will love just resting by the edge of the infinity pool mesmerised by the awesome sight of St. George’s Bay as the Maltese Sun bronzes your skin with a sexy suntan. Than after a refreshing dip, you will feel just blissfully tranquil simply dozing off on our umbrella-shaded sunbeds or better still, in one of our day beds enjoying a cool refreshing drink from our pool bar.

You might even want to have lunch or perhaps dinner as well; feeling the gentle breeze of the evening as it comes over to you from across the bay whilst washing down your meal with a nice shiraz that ignites your passion for all things that make not only holidays abroad special, but indeed life itself!

Then, when you are ready to call it a day (until the next morning), you will feel glad to know, that you only have a lift to catch to go to your designer-styled room and sleep in slumber and opulence.

Every day should be spent like this!

James Davis is the COO of Bay Street Group that operates be.HOTEL

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