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The virtue of impatience

As a little boy, my mother would tell me, “James, always remember, that patience is a virtue”.

Mother was as always probably right, but we realise that some of our guests do not have time to be patient; and why should they? They are here with us for a couple of days and every minute has a premium price.

Let’s say for example that with flights, lodging, meals and tours they are spending say a thousand euro over four days. That means each minute, (there are 5,760 minutes in four days) is costing them 17 cents. Would they want to wait in line to check-in? No!

Even the most patient of all people would want to get checked in and make his or her way up to their room, unpack a few things and get about enjoying the purpose of their visit.

This impatience is more evident with corporate travellers. After all, they are probably away travelling on business for most of their time. Met an hotelier from Spain a couple of days ago who takes on average 200 business flights each year. He is away from his family most of the time and in the few days that he is visiting in a foreign country, he must accomplish the purpose of his visit. With such a traveller, time becomes even more precious.

So, we offer our corporate guests that extra touch. Hey after all, they deserve a little break being away from their family most of the time. Fast check-in for them is always guaranteed even if they arrive whilst there is a group check-in going on and that is after we have picked them up from the airport in a private taxi, (we also take them back when it is time for them to depart).

After a hard day full of business meetings, we are cognisant that they appreciate to find their room done and refreshed again and finding bottled water or beer in their minibar and a coffee machine. You guessed it – it comes with our compliments!

Now I am not saying that men do not know how to iron a shirt – but there are those who actually don’t and who rely on their wives to do it for them. Obviously we do not ask our guests if they know how to iron their shirts (although we do leave an iron in their room for those who do) but we take no chances for them to turn up for meetings wearing creased shirts, so we do it for them if they request it, free of charge.

Complimentary breakfast, car parking (subject to availability) and early check-in and late check-out (also subject to availability) are also afforded to the corporate traveller.

All good things come to those who are impatient.

For more details please visit the corporate page on the behotelmalta website.

James Davis is the COO of Bay Street Group that operates be.HOTEL

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