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Segway your way around Malta

Now this is another fun thing to do whilst in Malta – Segway Tours!

Tried it once in a conference hall and it was mighty fun. Could not believe how easy it was to get the hang of manoeuvring the nimble gizmo as I whizzed around the people. Made me feel a little boy again.

The Segway technology is thanks to Its dynamic stabilisation system that allows the user the maintain balance whilst the wheels turn at the right speed. A whole array of gyroscopic sensors, tilt sensors and microprocessors allows you to balance yourself on just two wheels.

Basically you just lean sligthly forward to go forward and lean backwards to stop. To turn you just lean to the required side and hey presto, Segway turns in the direction that you want to.

Segway Malta has a number of tours available such as, the Fun Tour, three Explore Tours and two Culture Tours. Personally I think that the Valletta Segway Experience would be my preferred choice since I love cities but there are also those which show you around the Maltese countryside such as, the ‘Ride on Dingli Cliffs’ and the ‘Stunning Selmun’.  Other tours such as the ‘Mellieha Red Cliffs spectacle’ and the ‘Golden Sands Rally’ offer a beach/sea experience.

Most tours I believe, can also be held at night which cost slightly more that the usual price.  Tours come in three catagories; the 1.5-hour, the 2-hour and the 3-hour.  There is a minimum age which starts at 14 years to be allowed on the tour.

Segway Malta also offers the package ‘Ride where you want’. Just tell them where and they would organise it for you.

Prices are very reasonable; starting from just 45 euro and when on holiday such experiences add to make your trip more memorable.

I got so excited about Segway whilst writing this blog that I think I will book a tour myself now!

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James Davis is the COO of Bay Street Group that operates be.HOTEL

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