Panorama Conference Suite, be.Hotel Malta

“Not your usual conference hall without a view”

By James Davis

Most conference rooms in hotels are situated underground so that precious space above ground level is given to dining outlets or more guest rooms.

This makes sense when one considers the space value per square metre. But be.HOTEL had a different vision.

For starters the only way that be.HOTEL could ever incorporate a conference room in its existing infrastructure  was to put it above ground level and secondly, the hotel wanted to provide a more exciting option to event organisers so as to penetrate this market segment.

Hey presto, the hotel placed its conference room on the topmost floor on level 10 and aptly so, named it Panorama Conference Suite.

As soon as the lift opens in level 10 you come into the lobby area of Panorama. You are greeted with a sunlit room from which registration of delegates or welcoming of guests for a social event takes place.

The Hall can be divided into two separate rooms or else opened up as one. Whether in one or two, there are no pillars to obscure vision and both can be bathed by refreshing sunlight when the full perimeter curtains are opened.

Panorama can be used for a whole array of different events including conferences, gala dinners and other meetings. With the full use of the Suite, a banquet can easily accommodate over 200 diners seated at 72-inch wide tables. A classroom style conference can take up to almost 190 delegates or almost 300 when in a theatre style set up. Boardroom type meetings could accommodate over 90 persons, whilst for a standing reception, over 300 people can enjoy themselves in Panorama.

Panorama is fitted with its own kitchen from which all various options for coffee breaks or lavish dinners can be prepared by the Executive Chef and his brigade.

Panorama can be rented with or without accommodation options.

James Davis is the COO of Bay Street Group that operates be.HOTEL

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