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Malta – A Diver’s Paradise

With temperatures never falling below 15° around Malta’s clear seas, diving is truly a sport that can be almost enjoyed everyday throughout the year in this sunny Mediterannean island.  No wonder that leading dive magazines feature Malta regularly and hail it as the top European diving destination and one of the finest in the World.

The three islands of Malta, boast some very awesome dive sites whether from the shore or from a boat; wrecks, and a host of marine life which can be appreciated in the clear warm waters. With visibility of up to 40 metres, the keen diving enthusiast is assured a memorable diving holiday in Malta.

For instance, imagine you are diving amidst the sheer cliffs, caves and wrecks; these are reef habitats from which a variety of flora and other fauna sprout out. You are also likely to see a whole array of different fish species such as groupers, amberjacks, octopi and others.  Watch out for but do not handle certain fish like the Scorpion Fish and others which can be dangerous for you.

Malta is also home to a vast array of accredited diving schools and diving centres which also offer the services of a doctor.  If you are already licensed, remember to present your diving certificates; PADI, BSAC, CMAS, SSI etc at the diving centre.  As always, if not diving in a group, you are legally obliged to have a dive buddy with you.

And awesome as it is, diving can be dangerous, so if you feel that you should not dive on a particular day or situation, then don’t – Always obey instinct!

Enjoy diving but do it safely please – you are more beautiful than the awesome Maltese seas!

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James Davis is the COO of Bay Street Group that operates be.HOTEL

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