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Julian the Poor

For the first six months of my life I lived in the town of St. Julian’s named after its patron saint; Saint Julian. He was known as Julian the Hospitaller and also as Julian the Poor and became the patron saint of hunters who flock to this part of the Island every last Sunday of August for the annual summer feast to shot off blanks in his honour. St. Julian is thought to have hailed from Belgium (Le Mans in France and Naples in Italy also claim his birthplace) which is probably why, the town’s flag is similar to the Belgian national flag.

Fifty odd years ago when I was still a young boy, visitng my maternal grandparents who continued to live in St. Julian’s until their death, the town was a quiet and serene fishing village. Few would have thought that this would eventually become the prime locality for tourism and holidays in Malta.

Perhaps, it was due to the subdivision of St.Julian’s from which Paceville emerged that gave rise to the status for this locality of being the number one hotspot for tourism and locals alike, who flock to this part of the island for leisure.

After all, the place is teeming with restaurants of all genres, the finest hotels, clubs and bars, a Cinema Complex, a bowling centre and one of Malta’s biggest shopping Complexes.  It also has its own blue-flagged beach at St.George’s Bay which is cleaned every day and surrounded by places to drink and dine.

So maybe St. Julian should also have another title to his name – Julian the Favourite!

James Davis is the COO of Bay Street Group that operates be.HOTEL

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