Pool, be.Hotel Malta

“be.KINI is raring to woo and wow!”

Well she is on course to mesmerise the guests; offering them a lush experience. Perhaps I should have said ‘it’ rather than using the feminine form to describe the new ‘kid’ on the block – be.KINI. But in essence using ‘she’ for be.KINI is very apropos. Like a woman she is fun, relaxing, tranquil at times and vibrant and vigorous at others. be.KINI is the soon-to-be-opened pool…
Panorama Conference Suite, be.Hotel Malta

“Not your usual conference hall without a view”

By James Davis Most conference rooms in hotels are situated underground so that precious space above ground level is given to dining outlets or more guest rooms. This makes sense when one considers the space value per square metre. But be.HOTEL had a different vision. For starters the only way that be.HOTEL could ever incorporate a conference room in its existing infrastructure  was to put…
Malta Flag with George Cross

“To honour her brave People…”

By James Davis In May 1942, during a heavy raid by the German Luftwaffe, Lord Gort VC arrived in Malta to take over governorship of the Island from Lieutenant General Sir William Dobbie. With him, he brought over a prestigious medal – The George Cross! There was no time for pleasantries and Sir Dobbie left on the same plane that brought Gort to Malta. Years later, Dobbie remarked that it was…

Katya Grech promoted to Revenue Manager at be.HOTEL

Going from strength to strength Following her accomplishment as a certified Revenue Manager, Ms Katya Grech has been promoted to the post which bears her qualification. Ms Grech joined be.HOTEL in January 2017 and proved very diligent and intelligent in yield management. Recognising talent when it sees it, management immediately set about to getting her certified through a training programme…
Valletta, Malta

Valletta 2018 – European Capital of Culture for the Year 2018

By James Davis Valletta 2018 kicked off on the 20th January with a spectacular event by the Catalan theatrical group, La Fura dels Baus and their awesome outdoor aerial acrobatics which opened the Valletta 2018 Cultural Programme; a year-long programme that promises to provide exuberance to the City during this year. The cultural programme that started in the Capital City of Valletta shall spread…
The virtue of impatience - be.Hotel Malta Blog - Malta Hotels - Malta Holidays

The virtue of impatience

As a little boy, my mother would tell me, “James, always remember, that patience is a virtue”. Mother was as always probably right, but we realise that some of our guests do not have time to be patient; and why should they? They are here with us for a couple of days and every minute has a premium price. Let’s say for example that with flights, lodging, meals and tours they are spending…
View from Upper Barrakka Gardens, Valletta - Malta Holidays - Holidays in Malta

Sharing the Gems of Malta

Last Thursday, I acted as a Tour Guide to two of my friends from the States. Rocco and Keith were both bewildered with the amount of history and culture that is packed in this little island of Malta. The day dawned somewhat dismal at first and I actually packed three umbrellas as it looked as though it would rain, but at 9am whilst in the taxi going to Valletta, the sun came out to shine up on us,…
be.Hotel - The food delights of Malta - Malta Holidays - Holidays in Malta - Malta Hotels

The food delights of Malta

I always had a love affair with food. In a sentence, I would refer to food as ‘one of the three pleasures of life’ (will leave it up to you to guess the other two), and my favourite cuisine was always from the Southern Italian regions especially that of Puglia; simple, fresh, wholesome and oozing flavour! The way they cook fish, their cheeses and pasta are simply to die for! But I also am…
be.Hotel BLOG - Segway your way around Malta - Malta Holidays

Segway your way around Malta

Now this is another fun thing to do whilst in Malta – Segway Tours! Tried it once in a conference hall and it was mighty fun. Could not believe how easy it was to get the hang of manoeuvring the nimble gizmo as I whizzed around the people. Made me feel a little boy again. The Segway technology is thanks to Its dynamic stabilisation system that allows the user the maintain balance whilst the…
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