One Language is never enough

Last Sunday, I discovered that there are over 1,700 ways to say, ‘One Language is never enough,’ and I was mesmerised for I never thought that there are so many different languages in this world of ours.

True, some of the languages listed are now forgotten methods of communication, like for example saying, ‘Mía glotta oudepopote hikane’. That is saying ‘One Language is never enough,’ in ancient Greek. Today, one would say, ‘Mía glossa then ine pote arketi’, using modern Greek.

Other fascinating languages which are only spoken by the very few are Cherokee or Cheyenne to mention by two. Still, these are languages in their own right and a form of communication making us humans a prolific species, copious in our creative ways.

According to Wikipedia, with a total footprint of just 316 Km2, Malta is the 186th largest country in the world, just eight kilometres larger than Saint Helen and about 20% the size of London, but Malta too, albiet being very small, has its own distinct language – Maltese.

So in Malta, one would say, ‘Lingwa wahda mhux bizzejjed’ and the Maltese truly took this to heart for most of them are multi-lingual, able to speak fluent English and Italian, with a large portion of the Island having tri-lingual speaking persons also apart from obviously, Maltese.

This is great news for you if travelling to Malta, for language has never been a barrier to communications with the Maltese.

James Davis is the COO of Bay Street Group that operates be.HOTEL

Gourmet – The Dish or the Diner?

Gourmet kindles thoughts of food or drink which is posh and expensive who only true food connoisseurs can fully appreciate.

For gourmet dining is the epitome of refinement when it comes to food and drink and it needs a refined person to truly appreciate it – hence a Gourmet Diner!

Such exquisite fare is often made by a gifted hand and an imaginative mind who knows exactly which ingredients to blend together. Ingredients that fire up each other. Ingredients which, when prepared and cooked in the right way, release the flavours of one another to tantalise the tongue and excite all the senses of the one eating such food.

And so the tongue of the diner needs to be just as refined and imaginative as the hands of the Chef who prepared it.  Such food on the palate of a gourmet diner sends the mind whirling as it tries to understand all the ingredients that went into making the food that is now being savoured.

A gourmet diner understands that food should be treated with respect. He or she does not eat for the simple sake of not going hungry, but eats for the sheer pleasure of food. A gourmet diner is enthralled by a dish which is not only beautifully prepared and presented, but its structure was meticulously put together by ingredients that ignite the passion of all that is elegant.

A gourmet diner would rather eat a sandwich (and would probably prepare even that in a gourmet way) than eat boring comfort food that simply fills the stomach without satisfying the soul.

So imagine a gourmet diner eating a gourmet sandwich filled with roast beef with caramelised onions, watercress, pickled cucumber and horseradish.

James Davis is the COO at Bay Street Group which operates Fornelli Restaurant at Bay Street Tourist Complex