The awesome Vicia Faba

Better known as the broad bean, Vicia faba is also known by many other names; fava bean, faba bean, field bean, bell bean, English bean, horse bean, Windsor bean, pigeon bean and tic(k) bean and is a species of the plant in the vetch and pea family Fabaceae. It is reputed that the Greek mathematician Pythagoras believed that the fava beans contained the souls of the dead and therefore never ate…

One Language is never enough

Last Sunday, I discovered that there are over 1,700 ways to say, ‘One Language is never enough,’ and I was mesmerised for I never thought that there are so many different languages in this world of ours. True, some of the languages listed are now forgotten methods of communication, like for example saying, ‘Mía glotta oudepopote hikane’. That is saying ‘One Language is never enough,’…

Gourmet – The Dish or the Diner?

Gourmet kindles thoughts of food or drink which is posh and expensive who only true food connoisseurs can fully appreciate. For gourmet dining is the epitome of refinement when it comes to food and drink and it needs a refined person to truly appreciate it – hence a Gourmet Diner! Such exquisite fare is often made by a gifted hand and an imaginative mind who knows exactly which ingredients…
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